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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Week 4: Rock Climbing

This week’s project was rock climbing. I’ve wanted to try this for a long time. Yesterday we went to Go Vertical indoor rock climbing gym in Philadelphia. The best part about this is that we made it a family outing. Breen’s daughter Christine, her husband Dave and I took the 2 hour class while Breen, his son Tim, Max and Kendall climbed in the main gym. After the class was done, we all met up and took turns climbing and belaying each other. With all of this cold weather and snow we've been experiencing lately, it was so good to get ourselves out of the house for some exercise. I definitely want to go back and climb more. My strength was on the ground belaying. I found that I froze up on several of my climbs. Basically, I was nervous and tense during the climbs. My arms felt like Jell-O and at a certain height my hands and legs just wouldn’t move anymore. But I believe it’s really “mind over matter” and with a few more visits I’ll get more comfortable. Look out Mt. Everest, here I come :))

What did you do this week?


  1. Wow!, you are much braver than me, heights are definately not my thing, although I am preparing myself for the summer when I am hoping to get over to Ireland and cross a really scary rope bridge over there with a friend.

  2. ~sound like such a great day you had...we have been wanting to try for a long time...just never have gone...maybe this will spark up some motivation to try...i have not really had issues with height but i would be curious to see being in a such different enviroment...brave are you to try and also to know and accept your limits...as you go again...may you find yourself able to climb higher! liberating at moments it must have felt...wishing you a day filled with bliss and much love...brightest blessings~

  3. i can't believe everytime my crew have gone rock climbing i've been pregnant. you know thinking about it our backyard was the wonderful Australian bush and the cliff i used to climb when i was a kid was pretty much like the rock climbing ones. I used to go up the easy way and go down the hard way knowing my little brother would follow me and get stuck and i'd go home. i can't believe i was that cruel to him. thank God he survived.

    i'm linking today to the photos i've been waiting to take for about 6 months. this is my favourite local place and it's just perfect at this time of year.

    so i'm sharing my newfound love of photography. i somehow managed to finally 'get it' with my point and shoot. i tried several times since i was a kid but never got my head around the apeture thing. i then realized you can get great shots with the new 'instamatics' lol.

  4. Hey baby! You totally rocked the rock climbing. It was awesome having our blended family playing together. It was so cool I used it for me project this week. Can't wait to go back.

  5. oh my gosh that is so awesome!!

    there is a wall at my gym that is ALWAYS busy. i've only done it once, on a relatively small wall while on the cruise ship.

  6. Like I had posted in MrB's blog I have vertigo so I am not sure how I will do. I will love to try some day. (BTW, in a different subject - I got the looms at Walmart. It has 4 different sizes from about a foot to 3 feet for 20 dollars. But also, any crafty store will have them as well. )

  7. Finally, I've got my project in!! Took a while this week!

    Thats so great that you went climbing. What a great experience!

  8. how cool! I've been itching for more movement...so weary with winter!