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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week 8: pilgrimage to ground zero

I'm a bit late in getting this post up and running today, but for good reason: Breen and I have been in New York City for a good portion of our weekend celebrating our first wedding anniversary. We left early on Saturday morning and returned later this afternoon. My original idea for this week's project was to surprise my husband at midnight with a small replica of our wedding cake and our wedding song playing in our hotel room in Manhattan. I got the cake. I had the whole thing ready to go but the weather turned ugly and the logistics of getting the cake up to the room made no sense. So I left the cake at home and off we went to New York City for an awesome time away together.

I've always wanted to make a pilgrimage to the site where the Twin Towers once stood looming over the entire island of Manhattan. It's a time in history that none of us will ever forget. I'll always remember every exact detail of that morning. My ex-husband was in Denver, Colorado on a business trip (it would take him nearly two weeks to get home), my son was at school, my daughter at day care and I went to work. When I got to work, my co-worker had a little TV set on and was glued to the news coverage of "someone who must have accidentally crashed in to the Twin Towers". It was like watching a horror show as the details slowly unfurled and we soon discovered that it was no accident at all. I'll never forget how life just seemed to come to a complete and confusing halt that day.

Today as we parked our car in the Financial District and made our way to ground zero, a sadness gripped me. Almost nine years later and you can still feel the loss. Although the site is obviously cleaned up, there is still just a huge hole in the earth where those buildings stood tall and so many were lost in just a few hours.
I feel fortunate to live only two hours from New York. It seems like a shame if you live in the United States and don't have a chance to make a pilgrimage. Here are some pictures taken in the rain this morning:


  1. I remember every minute too. I lived in Brooklyn and had loved ones very close. Luckily, all of them are alive. I've since become close friends with a woman who lost a close family member, so I ache for her every year on the anniversary of the disaster. Never forget, as they say, right?

    Happy Anniversary, though. To you and MrB.

  2. I am so glad we went there together.

  3. I believe that everyone will remember that day :( but I am glad that you went and super happy anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary! What a special trip.

  5. ~Happy 1 year anniversary to you both...what a way to celebrate your day...a moment you will truly never forget...wishing you many more l♥ving years to come! brightest blessings~

  6. wow...

    I was there in 2002. It looked much different, the cleaning up process was still underway and the devastation more obvious. But you're right, nearly 9 years later, it still feels fresh. I remember that day, and so many of the details, very clearly also.

  7. Happy Anniversary, Although I only know you both from blogland I love how supportive you are of each other always.Hope you have many more years to celebrate being together.

  8. ~ok need to play catch up but you have been tagged!


    have fun...brightest blessings~

  9. I grew up a 1/2 hour away from Manhattan ... discovered after a vivid dream of someone I went to school with that he had been killed in one of the towers ... it is all so chilling and way too close to ever feel relaxed about (my brother is still in NJ) ... the last trip to NYC I could not go visit but this summer it is time.

    thank you for this.

  10. Congratulations on your first wedding anniversary! So glad you were able to go away together to celebrate.