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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week 11: a new blogging adventure

The Farmers Market

and The Find

I know, I know; it’s hard to believe that I’ve taken on yet another blog project. I’ve had this idea rolling around my head for quite some time though: The Farmer’s Market and The Find. It really does combine my love for farmers markets and thrift stores/yard sales. I think I kept procrastinating because I didn’t want to manage too many blogs at once. It dawned on me though that I don’t have to start a whole new blog for this idea; I can simply post once a week over at my main blog. Here’s how it works:

1. Every week I’ll pick a recipe that I want to try.

2. On either Friday or Saturday I’ll visit a local farmers market to buy the main ingredients.

3. On my way home from the farmers market I’ll stop at one of my favorite thrift stores. The challenge is to spend no more than $8 at the thrift store. I really believe that are some real hidden gems out there for under $10. Let’s not forget the thrill of a yard sale where the prices are even better than store prices!

4. Every Sunday I’ll be posting The Farmers Market and the Find on my Painted House blog. The post will feature a recipe made from fresh produce I’ve found at a farmers market and something that I’ve found after my visit to the farmers market.

Doesn’t that sound like fun? Go on over here to The Painted House to see this week’s first posting of The Farmers Market and The Find.

On a side note, I want to thank those of you who participate every week here. There are weeks that I’m not motivated to do my project for one reason or another. But I always do because I have to hold myself accountable for a project that I started where people are also expecting me to show up. There were really two main reasons that I started 52 Projects:

1. Because I experienced first hand how empowering it is to push myself to step out each week and challenge myself to learn something even when I didn’t want to. It’s a blessing to have a sound mind that produces so many ideas and I think it’s important to honor God for the gift of our existence and…

2. Because I needed to know that I could be passionate about an idea and follow it through to completion. I’ve left so many good ideas in the dust and I got tired of the cycle of incompletion.

Thank you for showing up. I never knew if there would be 1 participant or none when I started here. I just knew I would be here every week and seeing others here has made it even more rewarding.

What did you do this week?


  1. I think that sounds like a lovely idea! With the summer season coming and the markets opening up, it will be a great resource for everyone :-) I can't wait!

    And thank you for providing this space for all of us to share and expand our creativity. I haven't stepped outside of the box very much, but I do like that I feel accountable for trying to just be creative every week :-)

  2. The new idea sounds terrific and a lot of fun to pursue. I look forward to your finds and foods. As far as 52 Projects goes, I'm with both you and onasilentsea in that I haven't always been able to really challenge myself each week, but do love the accountability that taking part in the 52 Projects provides. It's really the whole purpose behind my blog -- to be creative and to stop procrastinating and take chances. Some weeks they are little baby steps, others bigger, but the doing is the thing, right?

  3. This sounds exciting, I must remember to stop by each week. A new market opened up near me (I think it started last year) so I can't wait to go. I tried a few a little further away but they only seemed to have apples & onions. I think I'd run out of recipes for just those 2 ingredients. lol.

    It's not easy keeping up with the blogs...I want to keep my accountability to my kids, as too often they're on the bottom of the list. I finally worked out a way to combine my blogs, so hopefully they will work out.

    Happy Easter.

  4. First I LOVE my farmer's market (which is not open yet :( ). Second, LOVE thrift stores. Every time we go I write a blog about our finds - usually are things for Arianna or some crafty stuff. Third, love the fact that you did the 52 projects. Even when I feel lazy I motivate myself to do something! That is why I had another thing going -I called it the Weekend Picture Project. Every weekend I post a picture of something that caught my attention for whatever reason and has helped me to notice things that I would have missed. So year 2010 has been a great one because I have kept with both projects!

  5. What a great project!

    I think I've said this before, but I SO resonate with what you've said above, especially #2. I'm actually picking up some good ideas and dusting them off right now. It's just time. This has been such good motivation, thank you again!

  6. Wow, you are going to be one busy girl! But one having a lot of fun experiences in the process! This sounds great. I am so looking forward to seeing what you pick up for under $10.

    I am loving 52 Projects. A whole new love of creating has opened up for me, and for someone who is not at all arty, I have found creative outlets that I really enjoy and love the finished product.

    It is gives a lot more fun and emphasis to the other projects in my life - like kayaking and clutter clearing and a few others I am looking forward to doing!

  7. I love browsing in thrift stores and have picked up some great stuff really cheaply. Looking forward to seeing what you find :)

  8. I enjoy thrift stores so much that I work for a charity which has two. I not only enjoy looking through the goodies but I also sell them on ebay for my employers. I also pick up some great bargains. I adore the farmers markets but we don't get many where I live.

  9. My project's up. Better late than never.

    I am so glad you started 52 Projects. It's got me thinking and acting in new ways and I like that. I wish more of our followers would participate (I'm talking to you, lurkers) but I am very glad we have a solid bunch of regulars.

    For those on the sidelines, jump in! There is nothing to stop anyone for doing something new this week and telling us about it. Week 12 here could be Week 1 for you!

  10. I am looking forward to the new addition! These challenges are addictive, aren't they? I love that you are seeing yourself broadening through this blog and the shared enthusiasm for extending our boundaries. i have to admit, many of these little things i've been trying out would have sat in my "to do" pile if not for the incentive to show up here with a weekly offering!

    thank you Jane :)

    ♥ Lis

  11. ~sounds like a fun adventure...there is always a treasure to be found at both places...our markets don't open until late may...anxiously awaiting! because of you and creating this blog for us you have helped each of us push beyond and achieve many great things we may or may not have tried...we may have all said to ourselves...next time or i want to do this or that and it be left undone! you are a great inspiration both mind and art! many thank yous...brightest blessings upon you always Jane~