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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Week 25: learning Power Point

This week I decided it's high time to dive in to some programs that I know are important to learn: Outlook, Word, Excel and Power Point. I've used Excel, Word and Outlook but not to an extent where I used them every day. I decided to jump in with Power Point first. I already had the material to work with: my art work. So off I went in to Power Point to organize slides for my art. I made categories for collage, journals, altered landscapes (photography), recycled aluminum pins, jewelry, aprons and some miscellaneous mixed media projects. It gave me a chance to think about how I create and what I wanted to highlight.

Throughout the process I learned that my photos are not as well organized as I thought they were. I was disappointed that I had no decent photos of any hand painted furniture. Sadly, I couldn't feature it in the slides and that's a shame since it seems to be such an important voice for my creative expression. Now I know that I need to find the time to photograph some of my best pieces of furniture and incorporate them in to the Power Point presentation.

Over the past few years I've thought about how important it is to make my art more visible and accessible on-line and in my community. I am absolutely technically challenged but I'm intelligent enough to know that marketing on several different levels is crucial to my art work's well being. Etsy simply doesn't cut it anymore. Eventually I'd like to have my own website but for now I am taking steps to learn more and more until I get there.

Since I'm so technically challenged, I had no idea how to embed my Power Point presentation in this post. But if you want me to e-mail the presentation as an attachment, I'd be happy to do so. At this point in time it's still a very basic presentation. There are plenty of bells and whistles to learn but I'm proud of my efforts just the same!

What did you do this week?


  1. Jane, I'd love to see it, and PP is a great tool. Back in our convention days (I did catering, Patrick convention video tech), I used to moonlight as a powerpoint operator and make $200/250 day. Food for thought.

  2. ~jane i too would l♥ve to see yoru presentation...all you have done is things i have yet to touch...good for you for organizing and getting things together...all our photos are simply by date and i have to scour through to find what i need...like the idea of having art, ect...together...might be a good long wonter project for me! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  3. I would love to see your presentation, Jane! I haven't learnt Powerpoint either. D has just started learning though and my Dad uses it, so I have seen a few snippets. My Excel abilities are improving though!

    I've done two projects for this week. Catch up time!

  4. Good for you. I'd like to see the work as well. How come Etsy isn't cutting it anymore? I used to love going on Etsy! In fact, I think my blog time has cut out my Etsy time, otherwise I'd still be browsing. At least by getting organized, you know what you need to shoot. Impressed.

  5. Good for you, you are right those are very important skills now days. I used excel, word, and outlook in a daily basics. I will love to see your presentation and yes, photographs are very important. My project for this week was that.. sort of. :)

  6. oh, powerpoint!! that takes me back to my MBA and consulting days - i lived, slept, dreamed in powerpoint. haven't touched it for a while but i hear you can do really incredible stuff with it now! good luck and have fun!