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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Update for Week 19: decorated bird house

Yesterday afternoon around 4pm I finally got to finish my project. Breen drilled all the scrabble tiles for me and I strung them on to copper wire with faux pearls between each letter. The bottom portion of the cage has four sides so I selected four words carefully.
Freedom: Breen suggested that I string Freedom across the front of the cage above the little door that stays permanently open. I loved this idea. This is also the side of the cage that faces our porch. When I sit outside and look over to the bird cage it reminds me that I have freedom to make better choices about how to deal with my neighbor. It reminds me of the freedom I have to fly outside of my little self-imposed cage and experience the wonder of adventure.

Karma: this word is strung across the side of the cage that faces my neighbor. It serves as a reminder that karma has something to do with this living situation and the lessons to be learned from it. If I don't pay closer attention, we'll just keep being presented with other neighbors like her wherever we go.

Peace: this word faces the street. I like to think of peace spreading out to all of our neighbors and people who pass by.

Love: this word faces our front door and I think it's obvious that love lives inside.

I also tried a new cloth bird when I had a little more time and patience. While Breen drilled the tiles, I whipped up another little cloth bird and this time I think he turned out well. I've got him sitting on a branch half way up the cage. I found the bird project here and I'm sure you'll fall in love with these sweet little creatures too. You can download the free pattern.

I only wish that bird cages were easier to photograph because the shots here hardly do mine any justice. I think the cage looks better in person but maybe you'd have to come visit us to see :) Trust me though when I say that it's a nice sight to see on my front porch.


  1. ~jane...your cage and words are adorable...words that speak loud and clear of such positive intentions...l♥ve it!! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  2. what a wonderful piece! I love the stringing of letter tiles/words (which maybe could change as mood/motivation shifts?) and fantastic bird! Small is always harder on a sewing machine! i love that fabric!!

    Well done project! I always enjoy seeing what you come up with :)

  3. Love it! I have a little bird that came in my quilt magazine for a future project :) so now I know it is a bit harder than I thought. The words you picked were just perfect :)

  4. Thank you for allowing me to drill your tiles.

  5. MrB, you talkin' dirty?

    Jane: love the little curvy birdy best. You need a sewing machine to do it? That'd count be out until maybe Project 47 or something. Nice job!

  6. what a great bird cage...now i'd be inclined to put a real bird in it...but i love the idea of it being an ornamental piece. I have one of my mil's in the backyard all rusted...but it think it'd take a solid week to scrub it up. It certainly isn't easy doing a different project every week, especially if you're trying something for the first time and intend on continuing. i've yet to think of something different for next week, but i do have something in mind.

  7. Mine is in! Better late than never!

    Love your birdcage Jane. I love the strung words. Great suggestion, Breen!