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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Week 19: a little off track

This week I'm rather horrified to write that I simply don't have my project done. I was going to drill through scrabble tiles, string them with faux pearls and beads and decorate an old black wire bird cage that my mother gave to me a few weeks back. I love bird cages and I knew that I wanted to put mine out on my front porch. The bird cage faces the house of the wack job that lives next door. When I look at the bird cage I also am forced to look at her house and I decided that I would string some positive words around the cage since I just have to believe that there is something good to come out of living next door to such a disturbing human being. The bird cage even came with a little felted bird in a nest. I have been drooling over those sweet little cloth birds that I see artists sewing up all over blog land. I was even planning to sew up a few from my fabric scraps and put them in the cage too. But here's what happened:

The past 2 weeks have totally escaped me. Last weekend we went to Breen's triathlon and I found myself stealing moments in the car and hotel room to get my wind chime finished. I posted later than usual and I was not pleased. This week we had to leave on Friday for a three hour drive to a family wedding. We've been gone for 3 days and I haven't been in the position to work on my bird cage at all. As soon as we got home from our 3 hour drive today, Breen had to turn right around and go to New Jersey for a theatre meeting. On Friday morning Breen offered to drill the tiles for me. The drilling was not successful and there was no time to set up the work space properly; we were really rushed to get all of us out the door. At the same time Breen was attempting to drill the tiles, I found a pattern on the internet for those sweet little cloth birds. I printed it, cut my fabric pieces and sewed it up on my machine. It turned out nothing like the pictures I saw and the directions were poorly written. By this time we had to leave in a half hour. My intention was there but "I got nothin'" for you this week. I've noticed that several of my projects so far have involved Breen's technical help. The mistake I've made is not learning how to do all of the components by myself. I love my husband madly and deeply but it's not fair to expect him to get all of my things done when he has too much on his plate already. From here on in, I'm going to plan my projects much better so that I'm not starting them a day before and I'm going to pick things that require me to do all of it.

When I first started 52 Projects I was so pumped up it was unbelievable. I am still completely committed to this project. I've seen how some interest has declined and even stopped but I still believe in this regardless if I'm the only poster or there are a dozen. I suppose I'm only human though and I have my weeks where I really have to push myself to get this together. I'm sorry for the past two weeks. For those of you who keep coming back each week, I owe you a world of thanks. Your participation makes it so much more meaningful. I love to read and be inspired by all the projects! With summer officially around the corner, I plan to step back up to the home plate with my enthusiasm and get moving on so many things that I've been wanting to do. Hopefully we've seen the end of these very busy weekends for while and I can get back on track.

I'm going to try my best to get those scrabble tiles drilled this coming week and a few birds made. I'll post them when it happens. What did you do this week?


  1. Don't worry- everyone knows that life is full of surprises and it gets too busy sometimes. So, don't feel guilty and just recharge for next project!

  2. ~we can only do so much in our day to day...and you are not at fault for anything...late os better than never...right! when my computer was down, there were parts of me that felt silly for even attempting to come back and post all my projects...even not do some...then i thought...no one said we couldn't be late...the only one who will be let down is myself. so take your time and do what you need to do...this is a wonderful inspiring project that keeps us all coming back...don't lose hope!! may you feel a new sense of purpose and direction from these past few weeks...thank you Jane for your effort and motivation to always try...happy mememorial day...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  3. Well, here I am back with my tail between my legs! So don't beat yourself up! And even though i know the process towards anything involves slipping back down the hill, wondering why i am doing this, doubting myself I still am too hard on myself. So we can make a pact to practice gentleness with ourselves!

    funny, i went through doubts recently about one of my weekly projects ... must be in the air. And so we continue forward. when i realized i am doing this for me, i knew i had to keep truckin'. I am so thankful for the inspiration of this project which is operating under the surface for me in more ways than i may realize.

    happy memorial day

    love, lis

  4. Jane, Jane, Jane.. do you even know how awesome you are? Your idea for 52 Projects has done so much for me in expanding myself and my ideas about creativity and artistic expression. Ease up on the pressure you put yourself under and just be, baby!

  5. Aw, MrB, how great to write that for everyone to see. And Jane, that's another thing you're doing is creating this history of your marriage to look back on, share with family, inspire others, and all that mushy good stuff. So yeah, give yourself a break. And I've been very slide-y some weeks and haven't revisited most of the things I've tried once, but so what? The year's still been richer for the experience. (And I'm late too. Sorry, guys)

  6. Took me a while to find Mr. Linky because I was looking at your post with the finished project, Jane! Thats what happens when you are reaaaaaaaaaaaaly late in getting your project done! lol :):)

  7. Real life sometimes intervenes, glad you got to finish it though! Here's mine, better late than never.