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Monday, September 6, 2010

Week 33: a little bit of everything

I am totally walking the biggest walk of shame at this end. I have somehow managed to let the week get away from me without a specific project completed. I'm even one day late here and for that I apologize! We got back from the cruise on Thursday and started right in to a holiday weekend, back to school issues and a bit of emotional turmoil for me. My head was simply not attached. I promise by this coming Sunday I'll be back on track. But for now I thought I would cover a few of the things I've been up to since last week.

For week 32, my project was a cruise to Bermuda. I feel guilty calling it a project. It was anything but. Gorgeous weather, great food and quality time spent with family.

Do you remember my recent project of knitting an afghan? I'm staying the course with my original intention of one square per day. I lost 4 days on the cruise but since we got home I've been knitting double time to make up for it. Besides, who wants to knit squares on a cruise ship when there are places to explore and buffets to be attacked? Look at how many squares I've done so far!

Finally, yesterday we met a new couple for brunch in Frenchtown, New Jersey. In an odd and funny kind of way, I consider this a little social project for the week. Breen and I usually hang out with each other and the kids every weekend. But yesterday the ex decided to step up and keep the kids until 6pm. We had the opportunity to meet up with another couple and we jumped at the chance. We ate at a funky little restaurant and played the game of 20 questions about each other. It's kind of like going on a date when you go out with new people, isn't it? But this is a great couple and fun to hang out with. After brunch we walked next door to Two Buttons, a huge warehouse store owned by Elizabeth Gilbert of the Eat, Pray, Love fame. She wasn't there but her husband was. The store was simply amazing. It was packed with some of the most gorgeous earthy objects I've ever seen. I bought a stack of colorful wrist bangles. These pictures don't even do the space justice.

It was a beautiful Sunday. There happened to be a Riverfest going on in the town. We strolled the shops, I bought some yarn and we ended our first outing together by taking a long walk on the tow path.

So, those were some highlights of my week. Again, I'm sorry for the late posting! Please share with me something you did this week.


  1. What an completely fascinating week you have had. I particularly like the photo of the porthole. I can't wait to see one in real life!!

    You have kept up with your projects with all that knitting!

    I love how you have met up with a new couple. How did that happen??

  2. I wish I could do a cruise, but I suffer from dizziness. :( But, I love all the pictures that you put there. Could you hear the waves lullaby you to sleep? I love the sound of water :)

  3. Hey, maybe I can post pictures of our vacation for a project too. (I love the one of MrB on the road behind that gorgeous beach. And Elizabeth Gilbert's store looks like the kind of place I could spend a few hours and hope to be the 10,000th customer and win a shopping spree. As for the late post: please don't sweat it -- we've all missed weeks, and you have enough on your plate. The afghan squares look beautiful.

  4. Lucky you!!!!! Our son lives in Hamilton, Bermuda and we hope to go to see him next year. It looks a lovely place and I'm so glad you had a good vacation